Shine, Country of Independence, Country of People

The Democratic People´s Republic of Korea guided by the Juche idea was founded on September 9, Juche 37 or 1948, representing the general will of the people. It was a genuine country of independence, a glorious country of people.

Over the past 66 years since the red and blue flag of the DPRK hoisted high in the blue sky, the DPRK has written a proud history throbbing with independence and making a leap forward with creation.

Patrick Cuenzman, Secretary General of the France-Korea Friendship Association, said:

The founding of the DPRK was a great event in the 20th century that the Korean people who had been invaded and plundered by big powers in the past, demonstrated their will to build an independent, sovereign state all over the world. Since its foundation, the DPRK has covered a road of its development.

The Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum is on the bank of the River Pothong in Pyongyang, the capital of the DPRK.

In the early 1950s the US imperialists invaded the only two-year-old DPRK by force of arms. The museum represents the history of the war.

Javed Ansari, Secretary General of the Pakistan-Korea Friendship Association, said:

This is an example for other countries how a small country with small resources defended the sovereignty and how they remember the heroes and Comrade Kim Il Sung appealed to the people of Korea and all the Korean people had replied or responded to his appeal and under his leadership they defeated US imperialism.

The Korean war was registered in history as a world model of the struggle for the dignity and sovereignty of the country and for the freedom and emancipation of the people which shattered the myth of the “mightiness” of the US imperialists.

The Korean people proudly marched through the square of victory, treading on the instrument of surrender signed by the US imperialists. They carried out reconstruction in the spirit of heroic Korea.

The cradle of the people´s life firm with independence and great with creation was built in this country which had been severely devastated.

On the debris burnt by the war-fire
We started from scratch with bare hands
Our leader was always among us the people
Giving us strong wings of the flying horse Chollima

The Chollima Statue standing high in the heart of Pyongyang shows the heroic stamina of the Korean people who built a powerful socialist country on debris.

After the Korean war the US imperialists vaunted that Korea would never rise up again even in 100 years. But in Korea Chollima or winged horse of creation and miracle flew under the leadership of the great Kim Il Sung.

With our technology, our resources and our strength! When others take a step, let us take ten, nay, 100 steps!

In the spirit of self-reliance and fortitude the Korean people finished the postwar reconstruction in a few years and successfully carried out the historic task of socialist industrialization at the “Speed of Chollima” in 14 years. As a result, a socialist state, independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defense, was built on this land.

Indian public figure Krishinaraj Murugan said:

This is people´s initiative under the leadership of Kim Il Sung of defeating the imperialist forces and they totally concentrated to rebuild the country. It is the evidence when we are looking here to see Pyongyang.

Today, too, Chollima of Korea is galloping toward a powerful socialist nation. Despite the intensified suffocation moves of the imperialist allied forces the DPRK has defended its independent dignity and become a politico-ideological power and military power and today is rushing toward an economic giant and a highly civilized socialist nation.

The Korean people are enjoying a genuine life, singing the song:

I look round the world and I understand
My country where I live is the best of all.

The history of the DPRK shines with the revolutionary history of the peerlessly great men and in the history the DPRK shines all over the world as a genuine people´s country.

Raymond Ferguson, National Secretary of the Australia-DPRK Association for Friendship and Culture, said:

There are more than 200 countries in the world. There is the only one country where people are masters of everything and everything serves the people. I saw equality sought after by humankind in the wonderful reality of Korea. There were many politicians who allegedly pursue politics for people. But never was right people like President Kim Il Sung and His Excellency Kim Jong Il. They believed in people as in god and devoted everything to the prosperity of the country and happiness of people.

Today Korea is advancing with the lively youth and strong spirit under the guidance of the respected leader Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un glorifies the dignity and national power of Korea on the highest level. He is the strength of Korea and bright future of everlasting Korea.

Elena Bavichi, Chairwoman of the Kim Jong Suk Women´s Union of Russia, said:

Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un is the great leader who is building a thriving socialist nation with his outstanding leadership and noble human love, true to the idea and intention of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Under his leadership the Korean people will foil the anti-DPRK moves of the US imperialists and their allies and surely build a reunified, prosperous nation.

People´s warm love for the DPRK filled with happiness, a legendary country as beautiful as a picture and full of treasures, has become a song in praise of the fatherland and rings out in the blue sky of September.

National flag will always fly high in the sky
And all dreams come true on this land
We will love you forever
Shine, People´s Republic of Korea