Sea of Apple Blossoms in Wonhung

With the advent of spring the Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm has turned into a sea of snow-white blossoms of apple trees on several thousand hectares of orchards along the bank of the Taedong River.

Workplaces and villages are full to the brim with sweet fragrance of apple flowers, and people with delight.

This spectacular sight is not merely the benefits of nature.

Officials and agricultural workers of the farm spared no efforts to cultivate and manure the fruit trees on a scientific basis and tended them with utmost care even in abnormal climate conditions last winter, thus unfolding the present scenery.

Now is the busiest season for the apiary workteam members.

They are increasing the number of beehives and rearing bees with care, so as to improve their pollinating functions.

Assiduous work style of the farm workers will certainly bring about a bumper apple harvest.