Sci-tech Data Service in Full Swing

The Sci-Tech Complex is vigorously promoting the work for dissemination of sci-tech knowledge and information service.

Over the past five years since its inauguration on January 1, 2016, its officials and researchers established a massive database by digitizing lots of sci-tech data they have obtained at home and from abroad in a comprehensive and systematic way and established a nationwide sci-tech dissemination network involving sci-tech learning spaces in regions, sectors and units.

They renovated the configuration system of e-library and the functions of retrieving database and homepage, browsing classified data, spreading sci-tech knowledge and exchanging information in a comprehensive way and raised their utilization rate markedly.

They also opened an online education homepage for disseminators of sci-tech knowledge and normalized its operation, and laid foundations for fully ensuring information exchange through networks, including Q&A service, academic symposiums and sci-tech presentations.

As a result, they have served working people from all walks of life and youth and students with numerous sci-tech data and information up to now.

Based on the realistic management strategy, they are now making continuous efforts to put the online data service on an unmanned and intelligent footing.