Ryongjong Fish Farm

Near the Ryongjong Spring, a natural monument in Ryongyon County, South Hwanghae Province, is the Ryongjong Fish Farm which was established over 70 years ago according to the policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the government of the DPRK to supply people across the country with plenty of fish.

The farm was reconstructed in 2010 in a wide area covering scores of hectares.

It has its water source in the Ryongjong Spring with several hundred litres of water gushing out per second, and is well equipped for fish farming, including indoor and outdoor breeding ponds, sturgeon hatchery, fry culture ground, water filtering and heating grounds, assorted and protein feed factories.

Its technical staff are widely known across the country for their competence.

They have introduced a computer-controlled system into fish farming, so that oxygen and feed supply is put on a scientific and automatic footing on the basis of the supervision of production lines as well as real-time monitoring of water quality of the sections.

By satisfactorily solving technical problems arising in the securing of breeding sturgeon, egg hatching and fry culture, the farm sends sturgeon fry to fish farms across the country every year.

It has succeeded in breeding Ryongjong fish, a kind of carp named after the place, and disseminated them throughout the country.

Nearly 160 outdoor fish ponds, which are provided with clear and fresh water with the temperature of 13-14 degrees centigrade all the year round through a recycling water supply system, are teeming with sturgeon, rainbow trout, Ryongjong fish, carp and other cold- and warm-water fish.

The farm is pushing ahead with fish farming more briskly based on the successes made so far, while making steady efforts to increase the fish species.

At present it is breeding Jangsu fish.

The farm’s officials and employees are progressing towards a more prosperous future.