Ryomyong Street Reflects Our Future

Ryomyong Street in the capital city Pyongyang gives a glimpse of the bright future of the development of green architecture of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

A lot of energy is saved every year in the street thanks to the solar heating technology and geothermal cooling and heating system. 

Really practical is the roof greening technology introduced into the street.

Saleswoman Ji Chung Jong at the Misan Building Materials Shop says: “There are many commercial networks and public service amenities in Ryomyong Street, whose roofs have been greened.

Roof greening has been done at our shop as well. According to our experience, it was important to choose trees and flowering plants with high rooting rate and less demand for soil nutrition.”

Evergreen trees and different flower shrubs have been planted on the stylobates of skyscrapers, presenting a beautiful landscape.

Roof greening is not only good for the environmental protection but also makes the living room cool in summer and not cold in winter. It is said to be lowering the indoor temperature by about 4.5 degrees centigrade in summer and raising by about 2.5 degrees centigrade in winter.

The roof greenhouse based on hydroponic cultivation which is called “urban vegetable farm” is also drawing attention of the people. Vegetables are cultivated in the greenhouses built on the roofs of several public buildings in Ryomyong Street.

Sound and light sensing apparatuses have been installed at the apartment houses and public buildings, saving a lot of electricity.

Solar cells have been set up at the flats to provide them with lighting by natural energy.

Besides, diverse technologies of green architecture such as wall greening, throating and lawn block have been introduced, clearly proving their economic effectiveness.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un proposed building Ryomyong Street and energetically led the construction so that it could be an energy-saving and green street by introducing the technologies of green architecture into all apartment houses, service establishments and public buildings.

Ryomyong Street which was built thanks to the loving care of the Workers’ Party of Korea reflects our future to be more civilized and beautiful.