River Improvement Project Pays off.

There are the Chongchon River and other over 30 rivers, big and small, in Kujang County, North Phyongan Province. Twenty of them are over 5 km long.

In the past, the county had suffered from frequent flooding.

So, officials of the county pushed forward the work to improve all rivers in a far-sighted way while concentrating efforts on the embankment project of the Chongchon River.

They covered the banks with stones and planted Iris pallasii and bamboo-willow trees, thus adding beauty to the scenery in the surroundings.

As a result, the dams and power stations and lakes were built in tiers along the Chongchon River.

Mobile cage-net fish breeding facilities have been installed in the lakes, producing many fishes every year.

Kujang Youth Power Station No. 1 was built in the Paengnyong River flowing into the Chongchon River.

At present, Kujang Youth Power Station No. 2 is being built up the Paengnyong River.

In recent years, the county has transformed its appearance, protecting farmland and generating electricity by itself through river improvement project.