Reliable Successors to Revolution

An outstanding achievement made in building a youth power occupies a significant place in the seven decade-long history of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The name of the Korean youth organization, Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, is placed after the sacred name of the WPK, as it is the ranks of loyal young people, successors to the revolutionary cause of Juche, who constitute the most vigorous force in the society.

Kim Il Sung, eternal President of the DPRK, launched his revolutionary activities with the youth movement, shed light on the path of the Korean youth movement in every period and at every stage of the developing revolution, and wisely led the young people to devote themselves to the country and people.

As he endowed the young people for the first time in history with the titles of the vanguard of the revolution and the successor to the revolutionary cause of Juche, the young people could exalt their dignity and position on the highest level and the Korean history began to write a new chapter of giving importance to youth.

The idea of Juche-based youth movement created by the President served as a valuable ideological and spiritual weapon for the youth in the Korean revolution, and its magnetic power and vitality were fully demonstrated along with the vigorous advance of the youth movement.

Kim Il Sung laid everlasting foundations for the strengthening and development of the Korean youth movement.

Having attached importance to the vanguard role of the young people, he formed the Democratic Youth League, a mass-based and united organization for youth, after he had founded the WPK. Afterwards, he strengthened the league as required by the developing revolution and thus set an example of the socialist youth movement.

Under his wise leadership of the youth movement, the Korean young people emerged victorious in the three-year Fatherland Liberation War, repulsing the armed invasion of the United States, which had boasted of being the “strongest” in the world, and gave full play to the indomitable mettle of heroic Korea, Chollima Korea, in the postwar rehabilitation.

He regarded work with youth as the most worthwhile and honourable one and gave importance to it throughout his life, bestowing infinite trust and love on the young people. Always placing the work for the youth at the top of his affairs, he ceaselessly travelled the road of his on-site guidance for the sake of the young people, the future masters of the country.

The precious traditions of the Korean youth movement provided by the President’s boundless love and trust were brilliantly carried forward by Kim Jong Il, eternal General Secretary of the WPK.

Having defined it as the main mission of the youth league and the general objective of the Korean youth movement to carry forward to completion the revolutionary cause of Juche, Kim Jong Il gave perfect solutions to the theoretical and practical problems for their implementation and put his great trust in young people as a reserve fighting force and a special detachment of the Supreme Commander and eternal companions of the WPK.

He put forward the slogan Love the young people! and spared nothing for them, and made public such immortal classic works as The Present Times and the Tasks Facing Young People and Let Us Exalt the Brilliance of Comrade Kim Il Sung’s Idea on the Youth Movement and the Achievements Made under His Leadership, so as to expound the tasks of the Korean youth and their movement and the ways of implementing them.

Regarding from the early days of his revolutionary activities the problem of youth as a matter of vital importance which is decisive to the destiny of the Party and the revolution, he always attached great importance to it, saying that the Party believes in the youth league and that there is nothing to be afraid of in the world if the Party, the army and the youth league are strong.

He ensured that the youth league formed a harmonious whole with the Party, established revolutionary discipline and order in work and that the ranks of its officials were built up with young people who are loyal to the Party and the leader, revolutionary and militant in their traits and disposition while constantly improving their qualifications and abilities.

Thanks to his energetic guidance, the Korean young people were developed into vanguard fighters in the Songun era and performed heroic feats in fierce showdowns with imperialist reactionary forces and campaigns to defend socialism and the building of a thriving country, closely rallied behind the Party during the Arduous March and the forced march in the 1990s.

Now standing in the van of the Korean youth movement is the respected Kim Jong Un who is brilliantly carrying forward the youth-first idea of the great leaders.

Kim Jong Un sent the Korean young people an appeal, reading:

“The dynamic strides of young people will hasten the prosperity of tomorrow.

Always go straight ahead following the Party!

Kim Jong Un

Encouraged by his call, the Korean young people are full of determination to live up to his trust and discharge their mission as young vanguards in accomplishing the cause of the WPK to build a thriving country and achieve the national reunification.

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