Red Cross Activities in Full Swing

The Red Cross society of the DPRK is actively assisting the government with its efforts for epidemic disease prevention.

It is mobilizing its branch offices and volunteers to give wide publicity to the danger of COVID-19 variants prevalent across the world and ensure that all the people take part in medical checkup and disinfection regularly and keep social distance and handwashing.

The Red Cross volunteers, in close cooperation with district medical workers, are proactively conducting the hygienic propaganda to make the residents fully understand the importance of correct handwashing, drinking of boiled water and mask wearing and voluntarily observe the requirements of epidemic prevention work and the rules of health.

They are bringing home to students the danger of malignant virus and its aftermath in various forms and by various methods so that they cultivate a good habit of living with a full understanding of common hygienic knowledge.

They are also providing antiseptic solution to the educational and childcare institutions and strictly conducting disinfection of passenger traffic means and public places.

May 8 is World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day.