Quality Dental Hygiene Supplies Are Produced

The Pyongyang Dental Hygiene Supplies Factory is producing quality goods.

It is provided with tens of combined analyzing facilities, including laser grain-size analyzer, and advanced equipment.

It produces tens of Paekhak-brand toothpastes, including poplar antibacterial toothpaste and phytic acid toothpaste for preventing tartar. These functional and curative toothpastes have a special virtue for the treatment of mouth disorders and teeth.

Its research team has recently developed several kinds of gargles by introducing a genetic recombination technology.

The gargles are very popular as they have good effects on the protection of teeth and the gums and the revival of cells in human body.

The factory also produces a variety of dental hygiene supplies, including tongue scraper, tongue brush and toothpick with dental floss, which are designed for a user’s convenience.

A toothpaste and a tongue brush of the factory were awarded a technical prize in the Pyongyang International Exhibition of Science and Technology of Health and Household Medical Appliances held in June 2017. Several dental hygiene supplies were highly appreciated in the National Exhibition of Sci-Tech Achievements in Public Health-2019.