Pyongyang Teachers Training College

Pyongyang Teachers Training College is an institution of training primary school and kindergarten teachers in Pyongyang.

Established in September Juche 57 (1968), the college has made many notable achievements conducive to the development of the country’s education by actively introducing profitable and advantageous teaching methods.

Recently, it has been renovated into a model college that has put education on a scientific, IT and modern footing at a high level.

Covering a total floor space of over 24 100 square metres, it consists of two buildings, a library, gym and dormitory.

All the lecture rooms, including a room for practical training in how to teach primary school pupils, a room for acquiring teaching methods for experiment in natural science and a room for diffusing the technique of developing children’s intelligence, are multi-functional. A room for teaching evaluation, a mother classroom, a virtual situation classroom and a laboratory for making teaching tools are also laid out in a unique way.

The room for teaching evaluation is geared to learning the method of evaluating a pupil’s academic records and a lecturer’s teaching qualities. Children’s intelligence is evaluated by means of animations, 4D simulation films, amusement games and 3D image input device.

Students acquire the method of combining school education with family education in the mother classroom, and the method of designing and making teaching tools with 3D image input device and 3D printer in the room for making teaching tools.

The college is also provided with a video lecture room and a general lecture room for theoretical education, and rooms for such basic practical training as drawing pictures, playing the organ and dancing.

It applies various teaching methods such as the techniques of virtual reality, educational prediction, gaining experience of children’s mentalities and their adjustment, all of which serves as a great help for students to acquire more vivid and lifelike teaching experience.

Its well-stocked library is connected with the national network so that students can gain access to the data of the Grand People’s Study House and the Sci-Tech Complex and receive on-line lectures by competent professors of Kim Il Sung University, Kim Chaek University of Technology and other universities. Its gym is laid out with multi-functional halls for playing different sports events, including basketball, volleyball, table-tennis and tennis, and has a warming-up hall and a swimming pool. Its cozy dormitory is satisfactorily furnished with all conditions and environment for the living of boarders.

The college oversees its overall education and science work by making use of educational science and administrative management system and directs all its educational administration work to stimulating the students’ zeal for study and improving their scholarly performance.

The officials, teaching staff and students of the college are devoting themselves to putting preschool and primary school education on a new, scientific basis in order to train the rising generation into dependable pillars and excellent personnel of the country.