Pyongyang Mushroom Farm

A mushroom farm was newly built in Hwasong-dong, Ryongsong District in the suburbs of Pyongyang and started its operation in late October last year.

Composed of production buildings, arch-style solar-heated greenhouses and auxiliary buildings, the farm cultivates mushroom by industrial methods to enrich the diet of the citizens.

All its production processes, including grinding of raw materials, substrate forming and bacterial culture, are streamlined, sterilized and dust-free. The farm saves energy and manpower by placing production facilities in a rational way so as to make the most effective use of culture grounds.

The integrated manufacturing system established in the farm monitors and automatically controls the production processes, thus making correct measurement of temperature, humidity and CO2 content in the spore vaccination rooms and culture grounds and providing environment and conditions favourable for the growth of mushroom.

The farm cultivates edible and medicinal mushrooms all the year round to meet the increasing demand for them.

It has thus introduced the methods of producing mushroom based on fermentation and sterilization, ensuring mass-production of mushrooms in an industrial way.

The sterilization method makes it possible to eliminate manual labour in substrate injection and spore vaccination and grow mushrooms in an intensive and industrial way in limited areas.

Now the farm produces in culture grounds and solar-heated greenhouses various species of mushroom such as white club-shaped mushroom, Coprinus comatus, and Flammulina velutipes.

Though it has been in operation for only several months, the farm has turned out large amounts of mushroom for the Pyongyang citizens and it strives to increase mushroom production.

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