Pyongyang Indoor Stadium

Many sports facilities are built or rebuilt in the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea amid increasing social concern for sports.

Last year the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium was rebuilt into a better comprehensive stadium, a mass sports service center. It was built on the bank of the River Pothong in April Juche 62 or 1973. Over the past decades international and national games and national functions were held in the stadium and it has been widely used as a center for cultural life of the working people.

The four-story stadium has more than 12,000 seats for spectators, halls for games and trainings of different sporting items including basketball, volleyball and table tennis, bedrooms, dining hall and so on. The indoor illumination of the stadium has double systems for different uses and the bounce of the floor and space acoustics are on a very high level. The weighty doors at the main entrance hall, unique balustrade and the like make the indoor stadium more graceful.

Different sports games including inter-provincial games were held at the rebuilt stadium. In the games of different sporting items including basketball, volleyball, table tennis, Korean wrestling Ssirum and tug of war, players fully demonstrated their skills practiced in the course of their fruitful labor. The rebuilt Pyongyang Indoor Stadium will make an active contribution to the development of physical culture and sports of the country and the entertainment of the people.