Profitable Recycling

Pyongyang Municipality is gaining economic benefits by launching a drive to recycle urban sewage while preventing environmental pollution.

According to Kwak Hyon Il, chairman of the Pyongyang Municipal Science and Technology Committee, Mangyongdae, Phyongchon, Central and other districts have built waste disposal plants in the suburbs and are operating them.

The plants are producing various kinds of building parts and fertilizers by making use of industrial waste materials, urban sewage and idle materials.

Each plant has a disposal capacity of hundreds of thousands of tons a year.

Having set a high goal of extracting major basic chemical materials and raising the recycling rate of urban sewage, they are concentrating efforts on developing and introducing new technologies.

A well-knit system of purchasing or collecting idle materials has been established.

The municipality increased the procurement indexes and applied various procurement forms and methods to secure more procurement resources while offering convenience to the working people.

It has also installed standardized facilities for collecting idle materials separately in many places.