Pride of Education Scientist

Kim Ji Hyon, director of Educational Science Institute of Kim Il Sung University prides himself on his working in the sector of pedagogy.

It is not because his parents worked as secondary school teachers for forty years and his younger brothers teach at colleges.

It is not because of his career as a teacher of Kim Il Sung University. After graduation from Pyongyang Middle School No. 1 in August Juche 78 (1989), he studied at the university and its postgraduate course.

He also studied at Cambridge University from 2011 to 2012.

One day, he made a presentation on the educational system of the DPRK in a seminar.

At that time, the dean of Education Faculty and chairman of the Regent House of Cambridge University said: I am very pleased about the successful presentation on the educational system of the DPRK. What is the most impressive in today’s presentation is that the educational system of the DPRK is well-organized and the leader’s care and the State’s responsibility are extremely great. I never imagined that the DPRK is implementing the free compulsory education even in the difficult economic conditions. As one of veteran educators, I am optimistic about the future of the DPRK.

Another professor said: The most interesting thing about the educational system of the DPRK is that all the teachers are regarded as professional revolutionaries. I am envious that teachers are engaged in teaching under the direct concern and care of the government.

With the national pride and dignity in the socialist educational system which he had regarded as an ordinary one, Kim devoted himself to the development of education.

Based on the scientific analysis of the global trend of developing education and the current educational conditions and circumstances of the country, he studied and completed the education method of postgraduate and post-doctoral courses and presented many papers on the development of educational science.

For his practical abilities, rich experience and careers in academic exchanges in many countries, he is stealing the limelight of the academic world.

He says: Educational scientists play a very important role in guaranteeing the future of the country by dint of education. I will make redoubled efforts to contribute to developing education of the country.