Precious Memory of the Year 2020

People had greeted the year 2020 with hope and delight. But it was recorded as a year of disasters and misfortune.

Those days were too arduous but the Korean people keep them as their precious memory, the memory of the motherly Workers’ Party of Korea that took warm care of them whenever they faced trials.

Mother’s Gift

A ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the Pyongyang General Hospital was held in the capital city Pyongyang on March 17.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un took part in the ceremony and broke ground to signal the start of the construction.

The Central Broadcasting of Korea reported:

“…The Pyongyang General Hospital to be built in a good location on the bank of the picturesque River Taedong is another gift of love given to the people by our Party making selfless, devoted efforts for the good of our best people in the world….”

Love is felt more keenly in trials rather than in happiness.

When the whole world was wrapped in uneasiness and fear, anxiety and confusion because of the rapid spread of the pandemic, Kim Jong Un proposed building the best general hospital for the people and declared the start of its construction.

He wanted to realize all wishes of the people and give only pleasure to them whatever unfavourable conditions and whatever manifold difficulties there may be.

Mother’s Care

In the crisis of the disastrous pandemic sweeping the whole world, Kaesong City in the area along the Military Demarcation Line was completely locked up from July 24. Nobody expected it.

But Kaesong City was not forsaken. The local people were under the warm loving care of the motherly Party.

Kim Jong Un took emergency measures to stabilize the life of the people in Kaesong City, saying he would be always with them in their struggle for preventing the worldwide calamities.

He was concerned about the details of their living ranging from foodgrain, edible oil, daily necessaries and fuel to match and reckoned even the amount of vegetables for every family.

Providing the local people with thousands of tons of polished rice and a lot of fund for the stabilization of their living, he said: I am always worried about the people in Kaesong City day and night. I would feel relieved if this simple sincerity of mine could be helpful to inspiring and encouraging the local people.

During their 20-odd-day blockade the people in Kaesong City suffered from flood damages and had to undergo unprecedented difficulties. Thanks to the care of the Party, however, there were no confusion, disaster, hunger, tears and despair in Kaesong. On the contrary, one hundred and tens of new babies were born there. Really utmost was the loving care of our motherly Party.

Nature of Mother

It is the nature of mother to be considerate of her child’s pain.

It was Kim Jong Un who visited Taechong-ri in Unpha County of North Hwanghae Province early in August when it had a lot of damages by downpour.

He learned about the damages in detail on the spot for two days and sent foodgrain and medicines to the people in the afflicted area.

He looked like the mother who goes the long distance at a breath for an unhappy child. He made his way through the dangerous muddy road without hesitation and stepped into the paddy field in strong wind before others. And he called at the sites of damage rehabilitation time and again.

Thanks to his devoted efforts, new houses, the cradle of happiness, could be built in the areas damaged by natural disasters.

This is how the year 2020 passed in Korea.

It is said that there are three most beautiful things in the world, but eternal is the mother’s love alone.

There was neither change nor limitation in the love of our motherly Party that has defended the well-being of the people and made them happy.

The Korean people will never forget the year 2020 which gave them the most beautiful memory.