Popular Soft Drink Shop

People frequent soft drink shops in hot summer. The Mansugyo Soft Drink Shop on the bank of the River Pothong in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, draws many people every day. The shop was inaugurated more than 40 years ago and has been reconstructed in recent years according to modern aesthetic sense.

Manageress Pang Ok Hwa says:

“Our Mansugyo Soft Drink Shop serves clients with various kinds of bread and soft drinks. Nine kinds of bread and famous Taedonggang Beer, tea and coffee are served. All people, young and old, like ice water and ice cream. Our shop opens twice a day, at lunch and supper hours. Many people come at lunch time, but in the evening more people come and relax their fatigue after a day’s work, drinking fresh Taedonggang Beer.”

The Mansugyo Soft Drink Shop is divided into indoor and outdoor shops.

Indoor shop has a bread and soft drink room, coffee counter and beer hall. The bread and soft drink room serves clients with various kinds of bread including different shapes of bread, egged bread, yeast bread and bread stuffed with steamed red bean, beer and ice cream. The shop has modern cooking utensils to make bread and ice cream by itself, which are in great demand for good taste. Tea, along with coffee, is served in the coffee counter. The counter is characterized by folding screen-style glass wall and classic ceramics on display. The most crowded place in the shop is the beer hall. Seven kinds of Taedonggang Beer are served there. The Taedonggang Beer is very popular for its unique and fresh taste. Round tables are convenient to the drinkers. Drinking beer in the outdoor shop in cool river breeze is also wonderful. People say in unison that it is best to drink beer, feasting their eyes on the beautiful River Pothong.

Many people come to the Mansugyo Soft Drink Shop to cool themselves in hot summer.