Popular Kaesong Koryo Insam Products

The Kaesong Koryo Insam of Korea is widely known to the world as a tonic helping people to lead a long life in good health. Today it is processed into various products including not only cosmetics and medicines, but also health foods in line with the present-day tendencies and according to the development of science and technology and contributes to the improvement of people’s health.

The health foods produced by the Korean Jangsu Trading Company are popular among the people.

Kim Un Ju says:

“I have been drinking the Kaesong Koryo Insam Tea for six months. I had no appetite with bad digestion in the past. Drinking the tea, my health got better.”

Kim Song Gum, has this to say:

“At home we often make bread, fry and pancake with Kaesong Koryo Insam Flour. The nutritive value of this flour is higher than ordinary one and it is also appetizing, so all members of my family like it.”

The Kaesong Koryo Insam products of the company drew attention in the 17th Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair which was held in Pyongyang in May last.

Han Yong Son, Vice-President of the Korean Jangsu Trading Company, says:

“Our company has long developed, produced and sold various insam products including health foods whose main raw material is Kaesong Koryo Insam, one of the important tonics which is the best of the tonics and widely used. All the products are good for longevity and the variety exceeds 50. Among them are Kaesong Koryo Insam, insam tea, red insam powder and insam extract awarded GMP certification in various countries and the Kaesong Koryo Insam Flour awarded the highest prize for inventor of the World Intellectual Property Organization.”

The insam used at the company is from the famous Kaesong area, the home of insam of Korea. The Kaesong Koryo Insam was well-known to the world as a specially effective medicinal herb already in the period of the Koryo Dynasty that existed between the 10th and the 14th century in the Korean history. So the Korean insam is still called Kaesong Koryo Insam. The company grows and processes insam in a traditional way, not an industrialized way, to preserve the medical properties of insam. Various products using processed insam are produced at the processing plant of the company.

The processing plant has several insam processing and production processes that have reached the GMP standard. The hygienic security and medical properties of all products have completely reached the international standard. The products which have ensured strict quality are on sale not only at home, but also in many countries. Researchers well-versed in biology and Koryo pharmacy are playing an important role in the production of insam products of the company. Through tireless researches, they have made the Kaesong Koryo Insam Flour by mixing the effective ingredients of insam with flour. This flour is highly nutritious health foodstuff because it has more essential amino acid, essential unsaturated adipose acid and vitamin contents than ordinary flour.

The company makes active efforts to further shorten the period of technical updating and speed up development of new products. The demand of the Kaesong Koryo Insam products of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea is increasing day by day thanks to the officials, researchers and workers of the Korean Jangsu Trading Company who are devoting their wisdom and enthusiasm to the guarantee of high quality and to health and longevity of the people.