Photo of Love

It happened on March 9, Juche 101(2012).

That day, a sea warning was given and there were high waves along with northwester.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, however, visited Cho Islet on the West Sea of Korea, cutting his way through the raging waves, to see the soldiers.

He had a picture taken with them and waving back to their cheers, walked with big strides and stopped walking all of a sudden.

Because he saw some women raising cheers of “hurrah!” at the top of their voices with their arms held up on a hill a little away from him.

Hearing from the commander of the unit that they were the wives of servicemen of the unit, he said he would take a picture taken with them as well and beckoned them to come down quickly.

But they hesitated for their dresses. They had run out of their houses as they were, at the shout of hurrah.

They were quite at a loss what to do and as if reading their minds, he walked toward them, beckoning them to come again.  The moment, the wives of servicemen rushed down along the mountain slope, raising cheers.

Kim Jong Un had a picture taken with all of them. It was a manifestation of his deep trust in the wives of the officers who are devoting their all to their husbands and soldiers.

This is how the wives of servicemen had a picture taken with Kim Jong Un.