The Opera ‘The Flower Girl’ Given in Pyongyang

Pyongyang, August 10 (KCNA) — The performance group of the revolutionary opera “The Flower Girl” gave a performance at the Pyongyang Grand Theatre on Friday on its return home from China.

Through the destiny of a poor family, the opera shows the truth of revolution and class struggle that tears and sympathy can not save the destiny of nation as well as that of one’s family and oneself, and that struggle against the class enemy is the only way out.

The performance of the opera given before full houses in different parts of China showed the great vitality of the Juche-oriented arts that have greeted golden days under the leadership of the dear respectedKim Jong Unand made contributions to developing the DPRK-China friendly relations.

Among the audience were Kim Ki Nam, Yang Hyong Sop, officials of literary and arts fields, creators, artistes and citizens in Pyongyang.

Staff members of the Chinese embassy here and Chinese guests staying in the DPRK were invited to enjoy the performance.

The opera demonstrated a perfect artistic standard through the organic combination of the performers’ rich voices, graceful dance and peculiar stage decor.