Performance Given by Art Squad of C.C., Youth League

Performance Given by Art Squad of C.C., Youth League

A performance was given by the art squad of the Central Committee of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League at the Central Youth Hall on Friday to mark February 8 when the Korean regular armed forces were founded.

Put on the stage were colorful numbers including small chorus “Long Live Generalissimo Kim Il Sung”, poem and story-telling “We Will Convey Long the Undying Feats Performed for Army Building”, female quartet “Nilliri for Songun” and male quartet “Song of Pride of Guards Unit”.

Performers praised Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il for firmly defending the dignity and sovereignty of the country and laying the eternal foundation for the prosperity of Songun Korea by building the regular revolutionary forces.

Diverse numbers fully reflected the will and stamina of the youth to wipe out all the U.S. imperialists and south Korean group of traitors and surely accomplish the historic cause of national reunification.

Put on the stage were numbers demonstrating the spirit of the youth to protect supreme leader Kim Jong Un at the cost of their lives and emerge victorious in all fields for defending socialism and building a thriving nation.

The performance was enjoyed by Choe Ryong Hae, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, and officials concerned, officials of the youth league and youth and students.