People’s Korea Grows, Guided by the Marshal

Korea is making a leap forward with lively youth. Korea is face-lifting herself in every aspect.

In April last respected Marshal Kim Jong Un visited the Songdowon International Children´s Camp nearing completion and spent a long time, looking round with satisfaction and pleasure different places of the camp which was rebuilt dandiacally.

Written in the compound was the slogan:

“We are the happiest in the world!”

Seeing this, the Marshal said that the slogan was very good and went on to say that we are working hard with pleasure despite difficulties to make our children and people the happiest in the world. He said that the slogan makes it possible to do any difficult work with a smile.

Officials were deeply impressed by what he said. He continued:

“There were many difficulties in reconstruction of the Songdowon International Children´s Camp, but our hard work has borne fruit. When we work hard for one year, the country will develop ten years. How good it is that we have rebuilt the camp! That is why we are making revolution.”

Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un finds his greatest satisfaction and pride in the happiness enjoyed by the children and people without thinking of his fatigue accumulated on the road of field guidance, which continues day and night.

When the Munsu Water Park was under construction, he visited the construction site many a time and paid meticulous attention so that all conditions were provided on the highest level. He said that when the Munsu Water Park was completed, people would like it very much and, thinking of it, he was already pleased. He beamed all over his face, as if picturing to himself happy school youth and children and working people who would enjoy themselves there.

In November Juche 102 or 2013, he visited the Masikryong Ski Resort under construction again and said:

“When the Masikryong Ski Resort is completed, people´s happy laughter will be louder in the Masik Pass area. Thinking of the people and school youth and children who would enjoy themselves at the modern ski resort, I feel a pride of making revolution.”

Chae Kyong Chol, Department Director of the Pyongyang City People´s Committee, has this to say:

“It is a will and practice of our Marshal Kim Jong Un that everything the people desire and like should be provided preferentially on the highest level.

Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, has face-lifted itself in one or two years. Parks were smartly rebuilt everywhere and monumental creations such as the Ryugyong Health Complex, the Rungna People´s Pleasure Ground, the Munsu Water Park and the Mirim Riding Club were built, where people enjoy themselves. Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un feels a great pride of making revolution in the happiness of the people and his lofty respect for the people teaches us a lot. We, the officials of a government organ, will regard the demand and interests of the people as absolute standard and live and work as true servants of the people devoting ourselves only to them.”

Korea is further prospering as a country of the people as she is led by respected Marshal Kim Jong Un who finds the pride of making revolution on the road of providing pleasure and happiness to the people. That is why the entire Korean people unanimously trust, follow, and praise him.

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