The Path of the Korean Revolution

June 30 this year is the 84th anniversary of the historic Kalun Meeting held during the anti-Japanese revolution organized and led by the great leader President Kim Il Sung.

President Kim Il Sung set out on the road of revolutionary struggle in his early years and explored a new path of the Korean revolution. In Juche 19 or 1930, he understood the prevailing situation at that time and conducted energetic revolutionary activities to find out a new path of the Korean revolution. He confirmed a fighting policy that for Korea´s liberation, it was necessary to fight with arms in hand, unite all the anti-Japanese patriotic forces under the banner of the anti-Japanese struggle and rouse them to the struggle, and found a new revolutionary party without factional strife. On this basis, he called a meeting of the leading personnel of the Young Communist League and the Anti-Imperialist Youth League in Kalun on June 30, Juche 19 or 1930 and made the historic report “The Path of the Korean Revolution”.

In the report he solemnly clarified a firm stand that the masters of the Korean revolution were the Korean people and that the Korean revolution should be carried out by the efforts of the Koreans themselves to suit the Korean situation. He said, in order to lead the Korean revolution to victory, it was necessary, first of all, to organize and wage an armed struggle against the Japanese imperialists and presented the line of armed struggle as the basic line of the anti-Japanese national liberation struggle, the foremost task of the Korean revolutionaries. His report which elucidated the stand and attitude to be maintained by the popular masses in the revolution and construction, greatly excited the participants in the meeting who had so eagerly groped for the path of a genuine struggle.

Recalling that time, President Kim Il Sung said:

“We could proclaim the new path for the Korean revolution in Kalun because already in the course of the youth and student movement launched in our days in Jilin we had established the Juche stand on and attitude towards the Korean revolution and cleared a new path for the communist movement. I made public in ‘The Path of the Korean Revolution’ the idea and standpoint I had perceived in my days of struggle and elaborated in prison. This has become the line of our revolution and its guiding idea.”

The historic report made by President Kim Il Sung at the Kalun Meeting was a great proclamation of the founding of the immortal Juche idea that the popular masses are the masters of the revolution and construction and have the strength to promote them.

“We believe in the strength of the masses alone. Let us believe in the strength of our 20 million people and, uniting them, wage a bloody war against the Japanese imperialists!”

With such faith of Juche, President Kim Il Sung set forth the most revolutionary line of armed struggle, original line of the anti-Japanese national united front and Juche-oriented policy of party founding for the first time in the history of the national liberation struggle in colonial countries, and dynamically led the revolution along the road of Juche. At present, too, the Korean people are advancing straight to victory, braving all sorts of trials and difficulties under the banner of Juche, the banner of Songun politics. The road of Juche is the only unchangeable path to be followed by the Workers´ Party of Korea and the people, and the ever-victorious banner is great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un implanted the great truth in the hearts of the entire army-men and people. The Korean army and people firmly united around him will build a thriving socialist country on this land, holding high the banner of Juche forever.