Participants in Torchlight Relay Race Pass North Phyongan Province

Members of the young vanguard participating in the torchlight relay race from the west coastal area passed through Sinuiju City Monday after their start on Mt. Paektu on the occasion of the Youth Day.

Members of the young vanguard of North Phyongan Province took over the torchlight in Hyangsan County on August 17 after it passed through Ryanggang and Jagang Provinces.

They laid a floral basket and bunches of flowers before the statue of PresidentKim Il Sungin Hyangsan County before paying tribute to him.

After leaving Hyangsan County amid the warm send-off of people, they arrived at Changsong County via Tongchang County.

They took part in a campfire meeting of youth and students in Changsong County.

The participants in the meeting vowed to make the torchlight handed by the former generation of the revolution rage more fiercely by remaining true to the leadership of the dear respectedKim Jong Un.

After arriving in Sinuiju City via Changsong County and Uiju County they held a meeting of youth and students in North Phyongan Province with persons of distinguished services of the former generation.

They took part in a meeting held to hear about experience gained by the head of a youth sub-work team in the Sinam Co-op Farm in Ryongchon County.

The speaker noted that building one’s residential area and work site into a land of bliss in the Songun era is a noble duty of the young people, the descendants ofKim Il Sungand soldiers and disciples of leaderKim Jong Il.

The participants in the torchlight relay race ran toward Tongrim and Kwaksan Counties, Jongju City and Pakchon County after leaving Ryongchon County.

Officials, working people and school youth and children in the cities and counties warmly sent them off.

The participants in the relay race are vigorously running toward Pyongyang.