Participants in International Academic Symposium Visit International Friendship Exhibition House

The participants in the international academic symposium of Kim Il Sung University visited the International Friendship Exhibition House on Thursday.

They paid tribute to the wax replicas of President Kim Il Sung and anti-Japanese war hero Kim Jong Suk who performed the undying feats for the times and mankind.

They went round with deep emotion gifts which the President, leader Kim Jong Il and the dear respected Kim Jong Un received from heads of parties, states and governments and distinguished figures of many countries.

Niu Weilin, head of the delegation of People’s University of China, said the visit offered an opportunity to him to feel the boundless reverence of the world people for the President.

The President made the gifts he received treasures of the country. The gifts will convey long his feats and traits.

Marceli Burdelski, delegate of Gdansk University of Poland, noted that Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il were the great men recognized by the world, adding:

Their feats for mankind will shine forever.

It is the great pride of the Korean people to have the International Friendship Exhibition House associated with the reverence for the great men.

Chen Weipeng, delegate of Qinghua University of China, said

Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il were the great men. The world people are boundlessly revering them, he noted, adding the great men are alive in the hearts of all people.