Pak Jong Chon Guides Firing Drill for Inspection of Railway Mobile Missile Regiment

Pak Jong Chon, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau and secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, guided an inspection firing drill of a railway mobile missile regiment.

Among the spectators were officials of the Department of Political Leadership over Military Affairs and the Department of Munitions Industry of the WPK Central Committee, leading officials of the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army and the defence science research sector.

The Eighth Party Congress, as part of the effort for establishing a new national defence strategy, organized a railway mobile missile regiment to increase the capability for dealing intensive blows in a simultaneous and multiple way to the threatening forces in case of necessary military operations and to markedly enhance the capacity for coping with various kinds of threat in a more active way.

The firing drill was aimed at confirming the practicality of the railway mobile missile system deployed for action for the first time, assessing without prior notice the combat readiness and capability for performing firepower missions of the newly-organized regiment and attaining proficiency in the action procedures in actual war.

The railway mobile missile regiment took part in the drill with a mission to strike a target area 800 kilometres away after moving to the central mountainous area at dawn on September 15.

The regiment finished rapid manoeuvre and deployment according to the norm of operation and action procedures of the railway mobile missile system, and accurately struck the target in the East Sea of Korea according to the firepower mission.

Pak Jong Chon appreciated that the firing drill for inspecting the regiment was successfully conducted in line with the strategic and tactical plan and intention of the Party.

Saying that the railway mobile missile system serves as an efficient counterblow means capable of dealing a heavy multiple and simultaneous blow to the threatening forces through separate firepower missions in different parts of the country, he called upon the army and relevant sector to steadily improve tactical plans for properly applying the system according to the topographical conditions and actual situation of the country.

He discussed in detail the matter of making the railway mobile missile regiment acquire operational experience for actual war and reorganizing it as a railway mobile missile brigade in a short time in the future.

He said that the deployment of the railway mobile missile system for action in accordance with the line and policy on modernizing the army set forth at the Eighth Party Congress is of very great significance in increasing the war deterrent of the country.