Okryu Restaurant Overflows with National Flavor

Okryu Restaurant in the capital city of Pyongyang is a renowned structure of Korean architectural style with elegant and unique gabled roofs.

The appearance of the restaurant which stands on the Okryu cliffs on the banks of the picturesque Taedong River resembles the wings of a flying crane.

As a Korean saying goes that the face is the index of the heart, the restaurant serves all sorts of delicacies.

Pyongyang cold noodles, renowned as the Korean traditional food, are at the top of them.

The food is served as follows: First put the noodles on a brass vessel with kimchi, meat, sliced cucumber and pear and boiled egg on the strips and then pour cooled broth. It has peculiar taste and decorative effects, ranging from the materials, broth, garnishing to the vessel.

“Pyongyang cold noodles have their true taste as they are associated with the sincerity of cooks plus a harmonious combination of thin and slippery strips prepared from buckwheat and meat stock mixed with refreshing juice of radishes pickled in salt water”, says its deputy manager Kim Chun Yong.

Not only local people but also overseas Koreans and foreign guests come here to taste the noodles. They unanimously lavish unstinted praise on Pyongyang cold noodles as they are the best dish symbolic of the Korean nation.

The restaurant also serves such traditional dishes as sinsollo, beef-rib soup and boiled rice, mung-bean pancake and Pyongyang fish porridge that suit the physical constitutions and tastes of people and promote their longevity, and other dishes prepared from sturgeon, terrapin, salmon and bullfrog. So, it resembles a delicacy exhibition.

It is always crowded with visitors. It has seating capacity of more than 6 000 a day.

The restaurant marked its 60th founding anniversary on August 13.