Okryu Mineral Water in Pyongyang

Okryu mineral water gushing out from under the Taedong River bank all the year round is in great demand among citizens in Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK.

This mineral water containing chlorine, calcium bicarbonate, sodium, iron, etc. is efficacious for chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis and colitis, chronic bronchitis, diabetes and hypertensive disease.

It is associated with the loving care of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

In May Juche 76 (1987), the Chairman was very glad to hear about the discovery of the mineral water and said that it should be used for the improvement of the people’s health. And he personally named it “Okryu Mineral Water” and saw to it that a spring resort was built in good harmony with scenery of the Taedong River for the people’s convenience.