New Stamp Issued

The State Stamp Bureau of the DPRK issued a new stamp (one sheet) on the occasion of the centenary of the Korean National Association (March 23, 1917).

Seen in the sheet are a stamp carrying the first stanza of song “Green Pine on Nam Hill” and its score in the background of letters “Jiwon (Aim High)” and a pine tree and the second and third stanzas of the song.

The song was authored by Kim Hyong Jik, an outstanding leader of the anti-Japanese national liberation movement in Korea, in Juche 7 (1918) after his release from Pyongyang gaol and is an immortal work associated with the origin of the Korean revolution.

The song represents the idea of national independence that the destiny of the country and nation should be carved out by the Korean nation itself, not depending on any outsiders, and the indomitable revolutionary spirit and the spirit of continuous revolution to build a fair and honest society in Korea by fighting through generations.

Pine tree is the national tree of the DPRK symbolic of the Korean nation.

Song: Green Pine on Nam Hill