New Housing Distributed Free of Charge to Workers.

Video is in Spanish but from the KFA Basque Country site.

They built the wonderful socialist villages in the Komdok area of ​​South Hamgyong province.

In this region severely damaged by natural disasters, one-story, low-rise and multi-story homes were built for more than 2,300 families, public buildings and parks.

The great change in the region is the fruit of the ardent love and devotion of the Top Leader Kim Jong Un who appreciates the working class as the eldest son of the country and also becomes the valuable result of the fighting spirit and temperament of the people’s army that alleviates concern of the party and the pain of the people with loyal and patriotic self-denial.

The move to the new houses in the newly built mining villages took place.

The Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Labor Party of Korea, Choe Hwi, the Chairman of the People’s Committee in South Hamgyong Province Kim Pong Yong, the Vice Chairman of the PTC Committee in the same province Kim Yong Hak, officials from The branch concerned and the commanders of the units of the Korean People’s Army participating in the construction visited the new houses to congratulate the inhabitants.

The workers expressed their gratitude to the Chief Executive Officer Kim Jong Un who extended his benevolence.

And they exposed the firm decision to increase mineral production in the Battle of 80 Days and proudly host the VIII Congress of the PTC, keeping deep in their hearts the benevolences of the party that offered them the nest of happiness.

The working class of Komdok is the eldest son of the country, Kim Jong Un stressed on his visit to the site in October, adding that the Komdok area is the artery of the national economy, and presented an ambitious plan to convert the Komdok area , the country’s large mineral producing base, in an exemplary mountainous city and state mine, which is followed by the city of Samjiyon.