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Pyongyang, August 12 (KCNA) — The Art and Literature Publishing House and the Science and Encyclopedia Publishing House in the DPRK brought out a full-length novel “Arduous History” (vol. 1) as part 92 of the Selection of Modern Korean Literature and a book “Toxicology” (vol. 2).

The author of novel “Arduous History”, written in the 1960s, is Chon Se Bong (1915-1986), a winner of Order of Kim Il Sung and Kim Il Sung Prize. The novel is set against the background of a rural village in the 1920s when the Korean people suffered ordeals and bitter lot of slavery under the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists. It depicts the fictitious hero who embarked on the road of struggle against the exploitation and oppression by the Japanese imperialists and class enemies.

“Toxicology” deals with the toxicological conception in food additives and toxicology by food additive, mycotoxin, phytotoxin and zootoxin, poisonous action of residual veterinary medicament and measures for hygienic safety, etc. -0-