Natural Monument—Chonju Falls at Puyon-ri

Chonju Falls is located in a deep valley 14km away from Puyon-ri, Sinhung County, South Hamgyong Province.

Chonju Peak stands in the east of the waterfalls and Mt Kodae in the north along the Pujonryong Mountains. The area, which is formed of granite, is overgrown with such trees as oak, maple and Aceraceae meno.

The waterfall cascades down in two timtierses, at first falling down a 17-metre-high and 10-metre-wide cliff with a gradient of 80 degrees and then down another cliff with a gradient of 70 degrees, presenting a thrilling and beautiful scenery.

With a total height of 60 metres, its width is 2 metres in the dry season and 10 metres in the rainy season.

Chonju Falls is preserved as a natural monument as it adds more beauty to the scenery in harmony with surrounding plants.