Mother′s Day Celebrated in DPRK

Mother’s Day (Nov. 16) is celebrated in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Put up in the streets of Pyongyang are posters in celebration of the holiday while large-sized electronic displays show programs for the mothers.

Children and young men are seen carrying bouquets for their mothers and teachers. Flower shops and stalls, bookstores and greeting card and souvenir shops are crowded with visitors.

Ri Son Mi, a Pyongyang citizen, saying:

“I am going to present this bouquet to my mother in celebration of Mother’s Day.”

Ri Hyon Il, a student of Kim Chaek University of Technology, saying:

“My mother is very meticulous, and she has shown deep care for my growth. In fact, sound development of family and society as well as the bright future of the nation are unthinkable without the mothers’ role. So, I’d love to present this bouquet to my mother.”


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