Miraesanop Research Institute of Technology

“Our creative ideal is to satisfy six indexes in a comprehensive way and at the highest level by dint of the best wisdom. The indexes are scientific accuracy, aesthetic beauty, economical efficiency, stability, green property and priority to convenience.” said Choe Song Il, head of the Miraesanop Research Institute of Technology (MRIT).

Established in Juche 93 (2004), the institute is a hi-tech industrial enterprise in which education and scientific research are integrated with production with a mission to explore and develop new, future-oriented industries.

Staffed with competent scientists, specialists and technicians of several sectors, its main business scope includes the development of new green energy, exploration of ecological architecture and modern consultation service.

It promotes the development and industrialization of new high-density green energy that can represent the future energy and explores a theory of artificial ecosystem composition and an “ecological architecture”, a new comprehensive discipline that can guarantee the harmonious unity and simultaneous development of artificial and natural ecosystems. It also carries on the development and introduction of a distributed disposal separating between grey- and black-water and recycling system of urban sewage, development and production of architectural anion paints and multi-functional decorative tiles, and the research of designing eco-industrial park and ecological city.

It also explores a theory and method of new modern consultation service based on “Engineering Design”, the infrastructure for social development in the 21st century and “Knowledge Production”, the powerful means in the era of the knowledge-based economy, and actively carries on process consultation of state-sponsored projects and such technology consultation services as non-transformation electric boiler system and process automation.

The institute has a postgraduate course and refresher course.