Members of Young Vanguard Meet

A meeting and grand march of members of the young vanguard took place at the Kim Il Sung Stadium Wednesday to dynamically advance under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), true to the Songun revolutionary leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Present there were Kim Yong Nam, Choe Thae Bok and Choe Ryong Hae and other officials concerned, those of the youth league, youth and students and members of youth shock brigade.

Jon Yong Nam, chairman of the Central Committee of the youth league, made a report at the meeting to be followed by speeches.

The reporter and speakers said that President Kim Il Sung, basing himself on the scientific penetration into the position and role of the young people in the revolutionary movement and the socio-historic development, put forward them as the most viable unit of the society and led the Juche-based youth movement to victory.

Leader Kim Jong Il, remaining true to the idea of the President on attaching importance to youth, developed the youth league into the
Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League and an eternal companion of the WPK, they noted.

Kim Jong Un, remaining loyal to the idea and cause of the President and Kim Jong Il, sent his autographs and congratulatory messages reflecting his profound trust and loving care to the young people, providing the militant banner to be held fast to by the young Korean people and the youth league, they pointed out.

They called for giving fullest play to the heroic spirit and militant stamina of the Songun young vanguard and dynamically struggle for the final victory of the building of a thriving socialist nation, along the road indicated by the WPK, united closer around Kim Jong Un.

The meeting was followed by a grand march of members of the young vanguard.

They were warmly welcomed by citizens.