Members of Women′s Union Vow Loyalty to Kim Jong Un

[nggallery id=74]Members of the women’s union met at the plaza of the Tower of the Juche idea on Thursday to faithfully uphold the idea and leadership of the dear respected Kim Jong Un, true to the behests of leader Kim Jong Il.

Present there were Ri Yong Su, department director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Kim Jin Ha, secretary of the Pyongyang City Committee of the WPK, officials of the Central Committee of the Korean Democratic Women’s Union, officials and members of the women’s union in the city.

The participants observed a moment’s silence in memory of Kim Jong Il. The women’s union members took an oath, led by Ro Song Sil, chairwoman of the Central Committee of the union.

She noted all the women across the country are recollecting with deep emotion the noble revolutionary career of Kim Jong Il who dedicated his whole life to the prosperity of the country and the people’s happiness.

The world knows no such peerless patriot and great saint of revolution as Kim Jong Il who passed away on a running train while making tireless forced march until the last moments of his life in his padded dress, she said, adding:

As Marshal Kim Jong Un is held in high esteem, the desire of Kim Jong Il for building a thriving nation is becoming a shining reality and the socialist country is demonstrating its dignity as political and military power, nuclear weapons state and satellite launcher.

She called upon all the women’s union members to make a tangible contribution to building a thriving nation in the country and accomplishing the Juche cause of revolution under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.