Meetings Held to Vow to Implement Tasks Set Forth in Kim Jong Un’s New Year Address

[nggallery id=109]Mass rallies took place in Ryanggang Province, Nampho City and Rason City on Monday to carry out the important tasks set forth in the historic New Year Address made by the dear respected Kim Jong Un.

Present there were officials of local party and power organs and working people’s organizations and other people.

Reports were followed by speeches.

The reporters and speakers stressed the need to bring about a new turn in building an economic power and improving people’s living standard this year which marks the 65th anniversary of the DPRK and the 60th anniversary of the victorious Fatherland Liberation War.

They called for firmly upholding the socialist economic system of Korean style and improving economic guidance and management at the factories and enterprisers as required by the developing situation.

They underscored the need for the officials and other people in the field of agriculture to do farming well and raise the per-hectare yield of grain, true to the Party’s policy of agricultural revolution.

They called for firmly establishing the spirit of giving importance to military affairs, sincerely assisting the People’s Army, further consolidating the great unity between the army and the people and always maintaining a strained and mobilized posture so that they may wipe out the aggressors at a single blow.

They underlined the need to work hard to glorify this significant year as a year of great creations and changes which bring about a radical turn in building a thriving nation, true to the leadership of Kim Jong Un.