A Meeting Celebrating Youth Day Held with Splendor

[imagebrowser id=17]A meeting celebrating Youth Day took place with splendor in Pyongyang on Monday to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche under the leadership of the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un has taken measures to celebrate the first Youth Day in the new century of Juche with splendor as a great event of the whole country.

Present there were Choe Yong Rim, Choe Ryong Hae, Hyon Yong Chol, Kim Kyong Hui and other senior officials of the party, the state and the army, delegates to celebrations of Youth Day, officials of the youth league, officials concerned, youth and students in the city, a delegation of Korean youth and students in Japan and a delegation of the Confederation of Korean Youth in China.

Present there on invitation were officials of party and armed forces organs, working people’s organizations, ministries and national institutions.

A congratulatory message sent by Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, to the participants in the celebrations and young people across the country from the way-off front was read out at the meeting.

Upon receiving the message sent by him, all participants broke into enthusiastic cheers of “hurrah!”

Officer Kim Hyon Hyok, who took the floor on behalf of the soldiers of the Korean People’s Army, said that the message sent by Kim Jong Un serves as a banner of victory as it encourages young people to perform new feats in the defense of the country and the great drive to build a thriving nation.

The Supreme Commander has ushered in a new heyday in developing the revolutionary armed forces with his rare military wisdom, outstanding commanding arts, iron-willed pluck and noble love for comrades-in-arms, he noted, adding:

We soldiers will become a scout party in the great war for the country’s reunification advancing, leveling rifles at one target as indicated by Kim Jong Un, and indomitable fighters and young heroes dashing ahead towards enemy positions, shouting “Long Live Marshal Kim Jong Un!”

If the enemies fire even a single shell on the inviolable territorial waters and territory of the country, we will never miss the golden opportunity but reduce at one go all the places where they are entrenched to ashes with deadly retaliatory blows.

Labor Hero Ju Myong Gil, a worker of the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex who spoke on behalf of the young workers, said that they would courageously advance toward a final victory in the drive to build a thriving nation, loudly sounding the grand march of the youth, in hearty response to the militant tasks set forth in the message.

All workers will keep themselves highly alerted, each tightly holding a rifle in one hand and a hammer in the other, and dynamically wage a charge for increased production, he declared, adding: If the enemies dare fire even a single shell at this land, we will form young workers units and turn out in all-people resistance.

Ri Un Jong, a tractor driver of the Poman Co-op Farm of Sohung County who took the floor on behalf of young farmers, said that young people in agricultural field would successfully do farming with transparent loyalty and patriotic enthusiasm, fully armed with Kim Jong Il’s patriotism and thus do their bits in increasing the nation’s grain production.

When the moment to launch a decisive battle comes, we will wage a sacred war for crushing the enemies, standing alongside the fighters of the KPA in the same trenches for defending the country, and conduct a dynamic struggle for increased wartime grain production and send greater quantities of food to the front, she declared.

Kim Chung Il, student of Kim Il Sung University who spoke on behalf of students, said: All students will thoroughly arm themselves with the idea of the party true to the noble intention of Kim Jong Un and study hard for the sake of the country and thus grow to be able builders of a thriving socialist nation and proud revolutionary talents.

If the U.S. imperialists and the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors dare ignite a war against the inviolable land of the country, we will replace pens by arms and courageously rush to the front to mercilessly wipe out the enemies and certainly achieve the historic cause of the country’s reunification, he stated.