The Marshalship of Kim Jong Un

July the 17th this year is the 2nd anniversary of the marshalship of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea awarded to respected Kim Jong Un.

Greeting the anniversary, the army and people of Korea feel a great honor and pride of having the unrivaled brilliant commander respected Marshal Kim Jong Un at the head of the revolutionary armed forces.

Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un has enjoyed boundless praise of the service personnel and people for his distinguished disposition and uncommon political ability.

When the US imperialists were persisting in sanctions against the DPRK under the pretext of its peaceful satellite launch, he put forward an important guideline for strengthening the Korean People´s Army into an invincible revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu and defending security and sovereignty of the country. Thanks to the foresightedness and energetic leadership of the great Songun commander, the revolutionary armed forces of Korea have been developed into a powerful army equipped with strong deterrent force which can resolutely defeat any enemy.

War veteran Yu Jae Gyong in Hungbu-dong, Moranbong District, has this to say:

“We are blessed with great leaders and generals generation after generation.

In the days of the war we could win victory as we fought with the faith that the fatherland is precisely President Kim Il Sung and that we are sure to win as we are led by him and showed the mettle of Koreans to the Yankees. Today, we are confident that our socialism is firm under the leadership of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, outstanding Songun commander who is glorifying the fatherland under the banner of Songun or army-first policy.”

Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, not shaken under any stresses and storms, has any formidable enemy under his thumb. His unparalleled courage and confidence were the source of the invincible strength of Songun Korea. Everywhere he went including island defense detachments on the forefront with the enemy positions within a hailing distance, air units and posts on Mt. Osong, mountain of Songun, he taught soldiers how to hit the bull’s-eye and, saying to the airmen that he is entrusting them with the sky of the fatherland, inspired them with bravery and showed great trust and love to them. It further hardened the confidence and resolve of the army and people to follow him to the end, entrusting their destiny and future to him.

War veteran Pak Cha Ae has this to say:

“Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un treasures us as revolutionary forerunners who fought to defend the fatherland. On the occasion of the V-Day, he convened a National Meeting of Veterans and had a photo session with us and gave us kind gifts to be handed down generation after generation. Looking round the Fatherland Liberation War Martyrs Cemetery, I felt once again that the lives of the heroes are immortal thanks to the great men and the warm bosom which honors their lives is our party, and respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.”

The army and people of Korea are firmly convinced that when they believe and follow only respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, there will be only victory and glory and they can successfully accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche. Only victory and glory are in store for Korea led by respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, unrivaled brilliant commander.