The Marshal’s Promise with the Women Workers

Respected Kim Jong Un visited the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill in October Juche 102 or 2013. That day, he said, the great Generalissimo Kim Il Sung dropped in at the dormitory of the mill and tasted the soup served for the workers and Kim Jong Il earnestly instructed on building a dormitory well. And he promised to ensure with responsibility that the dormitory will be built splendidly at the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill.

After his visit, soldier-builders came to the mill. He kept his promise with women workers and sent a powerful construction unit for the building of the dormitory. The solider-builders carried on the project even in cold winter under the slogan:

“Let us take upon ourselves both national defense and socialist construction!”

Marshal Kim Jong Un encouraged the soldier-builders, took necessary measures and ensured all conditions. The dormitory project was completed splendidly in more than 180 days. The dormitory was built in conformity with the fashion of a highly civilized socialist nation with bedrooms, mess hall and welfare service facilities including bathroom, beauty parlor, shop, clinic and library.

Marshal Kim Jong Un visited the new dormitory before others. With a bright smile on his face he acquainted himself with every nook and corner of the dormitory including the height of the hall and corridor, colour of the walls and bedrooms furnished to ensure maximum convenience. He said the dormitory has been built well and all the equipment is up-to-date. He said with pleasure that the park built for relaxation, amusement and sports games is like a Shangri-La.

Marshal Kim Jong Un, looking at the new dormitory with a bright smile on his face all the time, said:

“As the People´s Army has discharged its duty, the Supreme Commander could keep the promise with the workers of the mill.”

Looking up to him, the workers felt a lump in their throats. They were moved to learn that he treasured the promise with ordinary women workers and made painstaking efforts to keep it. That day, when workers of the mill expressed thanks, Marshal Kim Jong Un said, that will do when they produce more cloth as desired by President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

He proposed giving a grand reception at the new dormitory in honour of the workers on the May Day. Only Marshal Kim Jong Un, who loves the working people most and respects them as his god, could weave so touching a story of love for the people.

The story about his promise with ordinary workers will be told forever as a legend of perfect unity.