The Marshal and the Son of a Hero

Some time ago, the Central Television of Korea televised respected Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un warmly pressing the hand of an airman after his flight training. The airman is Kil Hun. He is the son of hero airman Kil Yong Jo well known to the Korean people.

Kil Yong Jo is a hero airman remembered by the Korean people. He heroically sacrificed himself in guard of the headquarters of the revolution in an unexpected critical situation during flight training one day in December Juche 81 or 1992. At the time his son was a mere infant, but now has grown to be a full-fledged squadron leader. Air persons including Kil Hun had the honour to participate in the First Meeting of Air Persons held in the presence of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un in the capital city Pyongyang in April last.

Respected Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un boldly called all air persons to Pyongyang and encouraged and showed all kinds of love to them at the acute time when the US imperialists and their followers were further intensifying military hostilities against the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea than ever before and the enemy´s joint aerial exercise was at its height. Back from the meeting, Kil Hun showed his flight before others to Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un who visited his unit again.

He flew in the sky of the motherland, burning his heart with the thought that he was showing his training to the Supreme Commander who paid attention to his growth step by step to follow in the footsteps of his father.

With a bright smile on his face, the Supreme Commander said:

“The son of Hero Kil Yong Jo is flying along the air route his father took. Really wonderful!”

He hugged Kil Hun who made a report after training and praised him saying:

“You are admirable. I attentively listened to your speech at the meeting of air persons and you have shown your pledge in practice.”

And he kindly asked how old he was when his father Hero Kil Yong Jo died and if he was remembering his father´s face.

Listening to his answer, Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un said:

“When he was three, Kil Hun lost his father. Now he has grown to stand at the post which was defended by his father. At 25 he became a squadron leader like his father. Like this our revolution is carried on from generation to generation. Hero Kil Yong Jo was a true combat airman who showed in practice how to defend the leader at the risk of his life. You should fly in the van of the unit on the air route for national defense like your father.”

He then had a picture taken with Kil Hun, his hand on him.

He was an airman blessed by the Supreme Commander.

The future of Korea which is advancing towards the final victory will always be bright and rosy thanks to respected Kim Jong Un who shows love to each of soldiers of the Korean People´s Army and leads them to perform feats.