Mallima Riders

Women workers of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill are celebrating the 107th anniversary of the March 8 International Women’s Day, full of pride that they enjoy a dignified and happy life and devote their selfless efforts and wisdom for the building of a thriving socialist country.

Inheriting the proud tradition of their preceding generation who won the title of the Chollima factory for the first time in the country, they are now fanning more fiercely the flames of creating a Mallima speed in this year’s advance for improving the people’s livelihood. Some labour innovators of the mill are introduced.

Ju Yong Mi

Ju Yong Mi, leader of the silk reeling workteam No. 1 under Workshop No. 2, tends the machines and equipment of the workteam as good as she does her children. She is well versed in the structures, performance and technical specifications of the spinning machines and has promoted the production capacity by introducing several technical inventions. She always encourages her workteam members to actively engage in the mass technical innovation drive, so that they operate the equipment at full capacity and thus perform the yearly tasks ahead of schedule.

Kim Su Gyong

Kim Su Gyong, respinning workteam leader of Workshop No. 3, has worked as the workteam leader since her girlhood and is now the most skilled hand in the respinning process.

She inspires her members with enthusiasm for work and life, herself being an exemplary, and actively introduces efficient working methods into production. She also helps them acquire high technical skills and make collective innovations in their work.

Ri Hye Gyong

Ri Hye Gyong has been working at the floss-silk workteam for 27 years since she began her social life. With rich experience and skilled workmanship in floss peeling, an initial process of supplying raw materials for the silk production, she displays a high sense of responsibility to ensure good quality of products and carry out her annual production assignments ahead of others.

Hyon Su Hyang

Hyon Su Hyang at the silk reeling workteam No. 5, Workshop No. 4, is well-known at the mill. She cherishes a unique pride and affection for her workshop producing beautiful silk yarn, and it becomes a powerful stimulant for her to overfulfil the production assignments every year.

With elaborate and tenacious workmanship, she carried out the two years’ assignments last year alone by inventing a new piecing method to increase the production and improve the quality of products, and is now taking the lead in creating a Mallima speed this year.

Kim Kyong Hui

The members of the sorting workteam under Workshop No. 1 call Kim Kyong Hui “our workteam leader.” She has noble moral traits of thinking collective and comrades before herself and her family. Thanks to her sincere efforts, her workteam has turned into a harmonious and competent group of helping and leading each other under the slogan “One for all and all for one!”, as well as become one of the leading units of the factory in establishing a cultured way of production and life.