What Made Korea the Winner?

During the Korean war in the early 1950s the US imperialists mobilized more than two million troops of 15 satellite states, the south Korean puppet army and Japanese militarists and huge latest combat equipment. When they provoked the war, Korea was young, fewer than two years after the founding of the state.

During the three-year war the elated US imperialists looked down on the Korean people, but lost more than 1,567,100 effectives including 405,498 troops of the US imperialist aggressor forces, with over 12,220 planes shot down, damaged or captured, upwards of 3,250 tanks and armored cars captured or destroyed and more than 560 warships and other vessels captured, sunk or destroyed.

Finally they had to sign an armistice agreement.

The Korean people emerged victor over the US imperialists.

What made Korea the winner? To the question of the world public, defeated General Clark said:

“It can be said that the north Korean army was successful thanks to the competent command of General Kim Il Sung.”

During the Korean war the US imperialists applied the strategies, operations and tactics worked out by Western “strategists” and warlike “generals”.

The iron-willed brilliant commander Generalissimo Kim Il Sung confronted the US imperialists with Juche-based military tactics. At the beginning of the war he neutralized the surprise attack of the US imperialists with immediate counteroffensive strategy and drove the aggressors into a tight corner with a brilliant example of modern encirclement. He actively encouraged snipers´ movement and stormers´ activities, and created a lot of original war methods such as tunnel warfare, tank hunters´ movement and aircraft-hunters´ movement. The large-scale offensives of the US imperialists were baffled at every step and their numerical and technical superiority was broken. Seoul was captured only three days after the start of the war, the defensive position south of the River Kum called “line of no retreat” was crumbled only two days after the attack of the People´s Army, Taejon, a point of military importance, was encircled and captured and the warship “Baltimore” was sunk by four torpedo boats of the People´s Army. The “new offensives” of the US imperialists failed though more than 900,000 troops were mobilized. It was the United States seen through the eyes of the world.

Ro Song Hye, lecturer of the Jonsung Revolution Museum, says:

“One day when the war was at its height a European journalist came to confirm the report that Korea had shot down more than 1,000 planes a year with such small arms as rifles.

After witnessing the aircraft-hunters shooting down the planes, he wrote:

It is a war method nobody can think of. A real military strategist is well-advised to study the war methods of General Kim Il Sung. Direct-firing guns considered to be useful only on the plain were pulled up to the heights and smashed the enemy´s positions and the tunnel warfare neutralized the enemy´s technical superiority. Such amazing miracles were wrought in the Korean war.

Combination of the guerrilla tactics and modern war method was one of the secrets that enabled President Kim Il Sung to lead the Fatherland Liberation War to victory.

President Kim Il Sung put forward outstanding strategic and tactical policies at each stage of the war and always found himself among the people and soldiers and forcefully roused them to the victory in the war. President Kim Il Sung was a symbol of all victory and glory.”

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