Loyalty and Patriotism is Motive Force of Our Revolution

Loyalty and patriotism is the proud national trait peculiar to Juche Korea.

Steadfast is the faith and will of all the people to wage a dynamic struggle for the great prosperity and development of our country and the victory of our revolution, rallied close around the Party Central Committee, cherishing the pure loyalty and ardent patriotism.

Loyalty and patriotism is the genuine sincerity of heartily believing and following the leader of the revolution and upholding the leader’s ideology and leadership with one mind and devotion to the building of a thriving nation with ardent love for the country.

Loyalty to the leader and love for the country is the proud tradition of our people who hand down and inherit through the generations.

Our people, who succeeded to the tradition of loyalty and patriotism created by revolutionary forerunners as their lifeblood, are vigorously stepping up the building of a powerful socialist country faithfully, upholding the idea and leadership of the Party Central Committee.

The revolutionary enthusiasm and creative activeness displayed by our people today are a great eruption of boundless loyalty and patriotism.

The loyalty and patriotism of all the people serves as the motive force for building the innovative entities, which make picture more civilized and rosy future, on this land and further accelerating the revolutionary advance for the overall prosperity of our state.

The mightiness of our state and the victorious advance of our revolution are firmly guaranteed by the devoted struggle of loyalists and patriots who are striving to make even a slight contribution to making the country more prosperous, bearing absolute loyalty to the leader.

The boundless loyalty and patriotism of all the people are the fundamental cornerstone of the single-hearted unity, the mainstay of our revolution.

Unity is the lifeblood of the revolution and a sure guarantee for all victories.

Nothing is more precious for the revolutionary country and people than unity, and only when this unity is achieved based on boundless loyalty to the leader and ardent patriotism, not on business unity, the revolution will advance victoriously.

The epochal successes achieved in our country are not an accident given by the heavens but an inevitable result of history brought about by the might of the single-minded unity of all the people closely rallied behind the leader.

The boundless loyalty and patriotism of all the people are a powerful driving force for the overall prosperity and development of our state.

The boundless loyalty to the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un and the steadfast patriotic will to glorify the era of our state-first principle are the ideological and mental traits peculiar to our people.

Our people keenly felt that the respected General Secretary is, indeed, the symbol of the might of our Republic and the great defender of the destiny of the country and nation in the course of the struggle to overcome trials casting in their lot with the Party Central Committee. They also cherished the immutable truth that the idea and leadership of the General Secretary are science and victory.

The proud reality, in which the overall socialist construction is advancing with confidence without a moment’s stagnation despite the difficulties unprecedented in the history of our revolution, is a miracle of history that can be performed only by our people who possess the spirit of loyalty and the traits of patriotism.

Our people, strong in mental power who made the loyalty to the leader their conviction and cherished ardent patriotism, will surely bring about a new era of national prosperity on this land.

Originally published on Rodong Sinmun – http://www.rodong.rep.kp/en/