Living Monument—Poptong Otter

Otter is one of internationally protected animals. It lives in the area of Poptong County, Kangwon Province located between the Masik and Ahobi mountain ranges.

The area with high and steep mountains is the point where streams flowing down along the deep valleys meet the upper reaches of the Rimjin River. It is favourable for otter’s inhabitation as there are many fish such as minnow, catfish and loach, and invertebrate animals like crayfish and crab.

Otter has dense and glossy fur, which is dark brown at the back and grayish white at the belly.

Its four legs are short and the sole of its feet are visible. For its webbed feet, it is adapted to live in water.

Its body is 65 to 75 cm long on average and its tail is about 45 to 50 cm.

The DPRK designated the area from Yohae-ri to Majon-ri in Poptong County as an area for protection of otter and is paying close attention to protecting its living environment and population.