Little calligrapher Cha Kuk Bom

Cha Kuk Bom, a first-year boy of the Ryonhwa Primary School in the Central District in the heart of Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, is a little master of calligraphy. Now he is 7 years old. He is good at mathematics and mother tongue and likes practising calligraphy at after-school hours in the afternoon. His friends and teachers are surprised to see his unbelievably fine handwriting by brush. People admire to see him patiently writing with bated breath, holding brush likely thicker than his wrist in his small hand.

Cha Kuk Bom began to learn calligraphy in the kindergarten. Kindergarten teacher found him specially interested in calligraphy. Under the guidance of his teacher, he learned the ABC of calligraphy one by one such as the way of holding brush, dipping in ink and stroking.
In less than one year after he began calligraphy, the boy was awarded a gold medal at the National Calligraphic Festival. His handwriting is characterized by correct proportion and form of each letter, and even, gentle and formative thickness of the strokes. His talents developed day by day and he came first in the “5th National Contest of Talented Kindergarten Children”.

With the pride of the winner in the calligraphic section, Cha Kuk Bom wrote a letter to respected Marshal Kim Jong Un. Busy as he was with the state affairs, Marshal Kim Jong Un read the boy´s letter representing his pride and hope on October 10, Juche 102 or 2013.

The boy´s mother, seeing her son´s talent developing, used to say:

“It is like a dream. A bud like my son comes into bloom, giving off fragrance, under the grateful socialist education system which finds out even small embryo of talent and grows it.”

Today, too, Cha Kuk Bom is learning hard to become a distinguished calligrapher.