Literary Works of DPRK Produced in Chollima Age

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Pyongyang, June 3 (KCNA) — The Chollima age is recorded as a stirring period in the brilliant history of the DPRK.

Many literary works truthfully depicting the ideological and moral qualities of the then people were created in the period.

Among them are short stories “A Letter from Haeju-Hasong Railway Construction Site” and “Fellow Travelers”, the typical works that portrayed in depth the noble mental world and traits of those in the Chollima age and are extremely influential still now.

“A Letter from Haeju-Hasong Railway Construction Site” tells about the heroic struggle of young builders who finished the huge broad-gauge railway construction in 75 days. And “Fellow Travelers” deals with the life of a rural girl who strove to turn her native village into a paradise good to live in.

At that time, the stories were avidly read among the people and many youths volunteered to work in difficult fields of socialist construction, following the example of heroes in the stories.

Though many years passed since the creation of masterpieces in the Chollima age, they still now serve as a teacher for the young people, encouraging them to perform feats in carrying out the new five-year plan.

Ri Song Hyok, who had been active as an official of the Hwaphyong County, Jagang Province, Committee of the youth league, told KCNA that he would spend his youthful days in the socialist cooperative field, carrying forward the patriotic spirit displayed by the youths in the Chollima age. -0-