Lighter Medical Appliances Are Developed

Medical appliances developed by the Pyongyang Medical Appliances Technology Company have been introduced into medical institutions across the country, stealing the public limelight.

“Various forms of portable medical appliances which are essential for promoting the health of people and easy to use are now being developed in many countries across the world, and the demand for them is on the increase. This being the situation, our company is directing efforts to developing lighter and high-performance medical appliances that conform to the world trend and meet the demands for them at home,” said Kim In Chol, president of the company.

The company located in Mangyongdae District of Pyongyang has recently developed ten-odd medical appliances and put them into practice.

Its light and digitized products make it possible to ensure promptness, accuracy and convenience in use.

The light, portable patient monitor is designed to overcome the limitations of the existing ones for intensively monitoring patients and ensure high accuracy in measurement.

It is practical as it enables a medical worker to monitor on a real-time basis vital signs of a patient by means of bluetooth function even at a distance of 10 metres away from the patient.

Such medical appliances as mobile X-ray inspection device, ultrasonic Doppler blood flowmeter, echoencephalograph, portable blood glucose meter that draws no blood, portable ultrasonic facial treatment device, and bio-quantum resonance analyzer are gaining public favour for their simple structures, high technical specifications and economic effectiveness.

They have been recognized as the patents of the DPRK and highly appreciated at the national sci-tech festival, national exhibition of inventions, national exhibition of sci-tech achievements in the public health sector and several other festivals, exhibitions and shows.

The company, staffed with tens of technicians and based on several years-long experience of development with modern production lines, has found its niche as a developer of medical appliances at home.