Last December in his Great Life – Kim Jong Il

The Korean people´s great leader Kim Jong Il passed away too suddenly and too regrettably on December 17, 2011. Receiving the sad news like a thunderbolt from the blue, the nature lamented and the bitter cries of the army and people shook the earth.

The Korean people who have not forgetten him even a day, now warmly remember the last December in his great life. His lifelong field guidance for the happiness of the people continued even in December, too, the last month of his life. Kim Hyok, Manager of the Amusement Park in the Kaeson Youth Park, says:

“The geat Kim Jong Il visited our amusement park again on his field guidance tour that continued deep at night and early in the morning. Looking round various places of the amusement park, he acquainted himself in detail with its management and urged accompanying officials to use merry-go-round, triple giant stride, nose-diving tower and spinning chairs on rail, saying that it is good for the officials to use the amusement facilities in order to know about their operation. And he heard about their comments.

He expressed great satisfaction, listening to the officials say that all the amusement facilities are excellent ones fostering boldness and bravery of the children and students and giving a joy of life to the old people. Much time went by, but he dropped in at the mobile stands and learned about the management of various service facilities for the people to take comfortable rest and spend a pleasant time. We felt our hearts warming, seeing him not resting even on Sunday to provide the people with better cultural recreation conditions.

In December Kim Jong Il called on People´s Army men every day and made continued field guidance tour for the people, and passed away on the train. I feel my heart rending this moment, too.”

In December Juche 100 or 2011 Kim Jong Il visited major factories and enterprises in South Hamgyong Province and inspired the workers promoting powerful advance in the hot wind of a great revolutionary upswing.

Through heavy snow, he visited the Hamhung Knitwear Factory after his visit to a branch factory of the Ryongsong Machine Complex. Seeing with satisfaction various kinds of knitwear being produced with the vinalon fibre of the February 8 Vinalon Complex, he asked about the daily output and estimated the people´s demand. Saying knitwear is convenient at home as well as during work and exercise, he stressed the need to produce a larger number of quality knitwear of various kinds all people like and meet their demand.

In that December the great Kim Jong Il also visited the Songchongang Exports Forwarding Company, the Hungnam Shoemaking Factory and vegetable greenhouses newly built in Hamhung City. Standing outside the greenhouses, exposed to snowstorm, he saw with satisfaction the greenhouses standing in vast space. He stressed the need to meet the demand of the people by producing a lot of vegetables of various kinds so that the people can enjoy the benefits, and taught the ways one by one.

All people are excited to hear the story about the great Kim Jong Il who was so concerned for the improvement of the people´s livelihood during several days of his field guidance to South Hamgyong Province in cold weather.

Here is memoirs of Kim Yong Ok, Manager of the Kwangbok Area Supermarket.

“The great Kim Jong Il visited our Kwangbok Area Supermarket on December 15, two years ago. We eagerly wait for him on the day every year because it seems that he would come to our supermarket again. He had a modern commercial service centre for the people built and was pleased to see it. I still remember his bright smile.

December in Korea is a month of continuous severe cold. It was very cold that day as well. But he called at our supermarket and saw the goods on counters one by one and estimated their quality and asked about their prices. He dropped in at the instant noodle counter. He held a pack of noodle and looked at it carefully, and I told him proudly that each pack had 5 pieces. Approving of my explanation, he stood before the bag counter and asked me kindly to shoulder a bag. Saying it´s delicate and smart but not expensive, he expressed great pleasure as if he seemed to think of happy people.

Looking round the counters for a long time, he kindly promised to come again when the Kwangbok Area Supermarket is inaugurated. But I received the sad news that he had passed away on December 17, two days after his visit to our supermarket. The sky seemed to be falling. Then I realized why he leaned his back against the escalator and so slowly walked up one floor after another. I was sad all the more to think that he worked with superhuman energy for a happier life of the people until the last moment of his life. I burst into tears with remorse for not having relieved him of his fatigue even a little. I can never forget December.”

Really, the last December in Kim Jong Il´s great life was days of love and devotion for the people.

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