The Land of Jangchon

In June last respected Marshal Kim Jong Un visited the Jangchon Vegetable Cooperative Farm in the suburbs of Pyongyang.

He praised officials and farmers for producing a lot of vegetables of various kinds shedding sweat of devotion. And he said with deep trust that the Jangchon Vegetable Cooperative Farm should be a model in hothouse vegetable production, a model farm of the country.

The farm is warmly associated with unerased footprints of the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

In the past Jangchon was a muddy land with poor farming and vegetable farming was impossible. But under the meticulous guidance and care of the great leader Kim Il Sung it was turned into a reliable vegetable producer which always supplies various kinds of fresh vegetables such as cucumber and tomato to the capital citizens even in midwinter.

It was one day in January Juche 53 or 1964 that Kim Il Sung visited Jangchon for the first time. That day he met farmers and learned in detail about agricultural production and their livelihood and taught ways for the farm to be well-off. Giving his field guidance to the farm several times afterwards, he taught how to do vegetable farming on an intensive and scientific basis. He visited the farm again one day in April Juche 71 or 1982. The greenhouse was hot and water kept dripping from the ceiling to wet his clothes. Regardless of it, however, he acquainted himself in detail with the hothouse vegetable farming for a long time.

When he was boarding his car to leave the farm, a farm official earnestly requested him not to walk the rugged field path any more.

President Kim Il Sung said in smile:

“Thank you. I come to the countryside to air myself rather than for guidance. It is my relaxation.”

Regarding it as his relaxation to walk field path of the cooperative farm, he called at the farm again in rich autumn of September Juche 81 or 1992 and praised the farm for good farming. He visited the farm again the following year and got familiar with farming and promised to visit it in the autumn of the coming year. He visited Jangchon many a time till the last period of his great life.

In the autumn of Juche 83 or 1994 when the whole country was in bitter tears after his demise, the local people were spending days with ardent yearning for him with ripe crops of new varieties that year.

At that time the great Kim Jong Il, showing his love and trust to the farm, said the Jangchon Cooperative Farm should make a greater progress in agricultural production as desired by President Kim Il Sung. No matter how many years may pass, the people in Jangchon are living amid constant love and deep trust. Today, too, the officials and farmers of the farm are working hard, burning their hearts with a great determination to complete a scientific hothouse vegetable farming method and supply larger quantities of fresh vegetables to the capital citizens and reshape the living surroundings and appearance of the farm in line with the demand of the new century.