Kuryong Waterfall near Mount Kumgang.

The Kuryong waterfall in Outer Kumgang is located near the world famous Mount Kumgang, near the East Sea.

The waterfall is one of the three famous ones in the country along with the Taesung on Mount Sol-ak and the Pakyon on Kaesong.

It is widely known with 3 others from Mount Kumgang, that is, the Sibi, Pibong and Okyong waterfalls.

Its vertical height is 74 meters and the length and width of the stream are 84m and 4m, respectively.

Under the waterfall, you can see the Kuryong lagoon where 9 dragon defenders of the mountain lived according to a Korean legend.

At the top there are 8 wells called Sangphaldam where the legend about the “8 fairies of Mount Kumgang” arose.

In front of the waterfall, you can see the Kuryong pavilion where vacationers rest.

It should be noted that in October 2019, the Top Leader Kim Jong Un directed the tourist area of ​​Mount Kumgang on the ground. On that occasion he said that in Korea there are many picturesque places, but, Mount Kumgang with natural landscape of a thousand shapes and figures is a world famous place, and pointed out the detailed tasks that are presented in the development of the excellent cultural tourism place where the people can rest enjoying the natural landscape of the country.

This video from the KFA Euskal Herria site